About the 1920 Club

The 1920 Club is a member-run, drop-in center for people in recovery from mental illness.  Like other Drop-in centers, the 1920 Club offers a supportive environment for individuals who use mental health services. Members choose when to come, when to leave, and what to do while there.

The 1920 Club offers social, recreational, educational, and community activities.  Art, music, and writing classes are offered each week. Quarterly field trips, planned by members, have included restaurants, sporting events, and local museums. Peer Support groups are offered several times a week.  A free hot lunch is provided daily.

Members choose their own activities and accomplish their own goals. Members see their peers growing and learn to face their own challenges. Many have gone back to school or to work, moved into independent living, faced challenges, and learned to move forward with their lives.

The 1920 Club reduces the personal isolation that can accompany mental health symptoms, offers the experience of community, and the opportunity to gain friends.

Founded in 2001 and located in 5 Points South, the 1920 Club is governed by the Sharing Place, Inc. Board of Directors.  Most Board members are 1920 Club participants, with some community leaders and volunteers. Financial support is provided by the Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH) and donations.  The 1920 Club does not provide clinical services. The Program Coordinator is a Peer Specialist.

How to join: Anyone who uses mental health services can join the 1920 Club. Contact the Program Coordinator at 1920club@jbsmha.com or 205.933.6955 to learn about the referral process.

1920 Club – A Drop-in Center
The Jack and Nena Biddle Building
1920 10th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35205

The Sharing Place, Incorporated

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
10 am – 3 pm

Snacks, drinks, lunch and public bus fare are provided at no cost to members

Help the members of the 1920 Club with their recovery.